Modular Designs

We specialise in architectural drawings for Modular Design Building Concepts and also design a range of other residential secondary dwellings that exceed our client’s expectations. Enquire now to ask us about our special offers and how we can help you turn a shipping container or cube building design concept into a modern living solution with a contemporary feel!

Modular design is a concept based on combining different elements and bringing them together in a cohesive way to create a contemporary living space.

Design thinking for this type of project considers the context which needs to be applied to deliver an outstanding innovative solution. This includes deciding on the environmental factors which need to be considered to ensure the design aligns with its surroundings and also the defining features which will deliver a functional and amazing experience for our clients.

Modular design comes in all shapes and sizes and can use a wide range of materials. You are only limited by your imagination!


Premium services at affordable prices

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Let us help you create an award winning modular design concept.

We offer the best value

It’s Your Choice

Some providers offer a full-service option where you must use their architect, builder, surveyor, engineer etc. Whilst initially this sounds convenient, we are happy to help you select the best providers and work with anyone who you will feel comfortable to work with.

It’s About the Experience

Lets face it, you will probably only build this project once. We want you to love your new living space forever ensure it stands the test of time! We don’t focus on providing drawings as an output; our mind is on the outcome experience which we will create together.

We give you Two Designers

At Contempo, in addition to an assigned designer, your project will also be assessed by an design advisory panel of leading specialists to critique our work to ensure every option has been considered to give you the very best outcome.

More Options

Design has a big impact on your budget, so why settle for one design? Based on your core design concept, we will give you three different design options to help the quotation process for your builder of choice. It’s all included in our price!

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